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Lipsticism is the solo project of musician and producer Alana Schachtel. Using synthesizers, voice, field recordings and samples, Alana creates textural sonic atmospheres with strong pop sensibilities. Alana has always had a deep love for music and a desire to create it, but she often felt discouraged by her lack of training and unsure where to start. While living in Bellingham, Wa in 2013, Alana encountered digital audio workstations which felt accessible and intuitive to her and she has continued to deepen her knowledge and understanding as a music producer. Alana is currently based in Chicago, Il and some highlights of her musical journey have been touring with Avey Tare of Animal Collective in 2019, and more recently opening for inspiring artists like Blue Hawaii and Devin Shaffer. While her sound is frequently described as cosmic, dreamy, and psychedelic, there is something immediate and sensual in her punchy drums and emotional honesty. Lipsticism was created partly as an outlet to say that which was left unsaid in her interpersonal relationships, and this grants her music a confessional quality. 


"Lipsticism’s 'Transform' is the sound of a parallel life of positivity" -High Clouds

"[Worth] pairs Schachtel’s gentle vocal melodies, almost reminiscent of a lullaby, with arpeggiated synths and a steady rhythmic whirr akin to Animal Collective’s most percussively shuffling tracks." -Post Trash

"With 'Sentimental' Schachtel once again explores the outer reaches of floating pop psychedelia, drifting through pristine glassy soundscapes colored by gentle swells of melody. The track pulls the listener along via Schachtel’s ethereal vocals, immersing them in a sea of tranquil synths and chiming guitar lines." -Under The Radar

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