Step inside the world of Earth Libraries, an extensive musical catalog that feels like home. A home with roots in Birmingham, Alabama, a home that operates like a collective of eccentrics working together to push simultaneously into the analog past and the avant-garde future. Alongside like-minded archivists, local music minds, and crate-diggers, Bryant Saxon and the Earth Libraries family have grown outcroppings from fellow oddball scenes like Boise, Idaho to big cities like Chicago—capturing the most exciting new acts and excavating underheard classics from decades ago as well.
Saxon grew up helping his dad build a local record collectors club, digitizing old ‘45s and hunting for the gems that might otherwise have slipped through the cracks. That same curious spirit informs Earth Libraries’ constant and consistent fervor: searching for the exceptional artists that deserve a home, for music that evokes a transcendent beauty and golden nostalgia—even for times, places, and people you’ve never known.
Rather than try to capture a specific sound or change the visions of artists, Earth Libraries highlight the best esoteric voices they can find across the decades—in a sense creating a decades-old record label in retrospective glory. From avant psychedelia to bands indebted to ‘60s radio rock to anthemic singer-songwriters, the Earth Libraries catalog champions unique talents and ensures they can reach ever wider audiences.
Now nearly half a decade into Earth Libraries’ run, the label continues to diversify and grow, including a one-of-a-kind Library Card program to bring listeners into the family as well. More than a label, Earth Libraries is a public service much like a physical library, offering access to vibrant art and bringing community together, always with an ear for the next release that could change your life.
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