Luke Hogfoss

Luke Hogfoss


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Luke Hogfoss was born in Atlanta, GA and raised in the small southern town of Beaufort, South Carolina. For college, Luke went to Western Washington University in Bellingham. This was in part due to Bellingham’s thriving music scene, being the launchpads for bands such as Death Cab for Cutie and The Posies. In Bellingham, Luke gained some traction in the Northwest music scene while playing in a post-punk band called The Palisades. The Palisades went on multiple tours and had a KEXP in-studio performance. After college, Luke moved to Seattle and toured extensively with indie band The Co-Founder, including a tour in Japan. Luke wrote his first solo album ‘Island’ while on the road with Co-Founder. For his sophomore album ‘Florida,’ Luke interweaved personal experience with fictional characters. 

“‘Florida’ was written in my Seattle apartment during the Covid lockdown. I was supposed to be in Miami, Fl, but the trip got canceled, so I had Florida on my mind. This album contains multiple characters: some real, some fictional, and some a sort of combination. It was nice to write about a place very far away. I grew up in South Carolina and we would take family vacations to Florida. I remember seeing a rocket launch on Cocoa Beach and thinkIng the sun was rising. While mixing this album I realized I was also writing about things going on in my life at the time: a deterioratIng romantic relationship, substance abuse, and emotional regulation. So I think this album covers a lot of ground. It's a classic case of an artist working through their problems, but also a series of fun stories and characters such as the fictional Miami porn star Johnny Salami and a hitchhiker taking the bridge to Key West. Seems like everybody has some sort of Florida, whether it's a state of mind or a tangIble entity. This album is mine.”