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Neighbourly are a Vancouver Island-based psychedelic pop / rock band, embodying what it means to be neighbourly.

Vancouver Island’s Neighbourly blends the freedom of psychedelia with layers of pop and funk influences. They emerged in 2022 with three eclectic tracks: "Wake Up", "Whoopsies", and “Follow Us”, each track showcases the group’s diverse influences in their songwriting and their production processes.

Neighbourly’s self-titled debut album, released in October 2023 with Earth Libraries, emphasizes each member’s strengths as songwriters. Each of them contributed two tracks, resulting in a total of eight songs. Approaching the album, the group aimed to fully explore the concept of being neighbourly, allowing each member to produce their own tracks and guide the sound of their songs. This debut project highlights the eclectic influences within the group as it transcends through psych-funk grooves, calypso beach vibes, and dreamy shoegaze.

Looking ahead, Neighbourly is gearing up for a full release in March 2024 with a harder-hitting EP described by some as having a post-punk vibe. Recorded in just two days at Catalogue Studios in Victoria, BC, the upcoming release hints at a theme exploring the experience of growing up in a small town. In under 11 minutes the songs punch and cascade with angst as Sandberg, in his native British accent, bellows about fashionistas, signing cheques, and the voice inside your head.


Neighbourly sits well within a burgeoning West Coast scene of funky, danceable, indie bands making waves in the Canadian independent scene.” -Cups n’ Cakes

“Ultra chill and psych-funk qualities that feel like a brilliant mix of Men I Trust, TOPS, and Chromeo.” -We All Want Someone To Shout For

"Distinctive style of production that incorporates elements of indie and funk with pop and psychedelica. The sound feels dreamy and mellow in character, but also uplifting and playful in tone." -Alfitude