By Sophie Griffin

The Juniper Berries Announce New LP - "Death and Texas" - due 4/19/2024

Life is overfull of cliches when it comes to loss and pain. People are so desperate to offer some conclusive thought that they land in an endless and frustrating blur of platitudes. But the real irony is that the revelation doesn’t come from any of the cliches, but from the endless nature of the blur itself. The Juniper Berries’ Josh Stirm came to this realization in 2020, facing the tragic passing of both his brother and grandfather, as well as the looming pandemic. “The grief felt weirdly impersonal—more than losing family members, it gave me a broader understanding of what it means to love people and lose them,” the Austin-based multi-instrumentalist says.

In his book The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, author John Koenig called that feeling sonder, a sense of awe that comes from soaking in the full complexity of all the many people around you. Stirm turned his own sonder into the latest from The Juniper Berries, Death and Texas (due April 19th, 2024 via Earth Libraries), a set of character-driven tracks that explore loss as an affirmation of life - now available for pre-order.