Cooper Wolken

Cooper Wolken

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Cooper Wolken is an indie folk artist residing in Los Angeles, CA.

FFO: Sufjan Stevens, Big Thief, Hand Habits, Beach House, Sam Amidon, Lomelda, Animal Collective

Cooper Wolken’s debut solo album Chapters translates the duality of darkness and sublime beauty with intimate personal vignettes. This collection of songs, written across 2018 and 2019, are tied closely to moments in his relationships and personal life, but all point to something universal. Realizing he’d accrued an album’s worth of new music, Wolken brought together guitarist Steven van Betten, bassist Marcus Högsta, drummer Nick Hon, and trumpeter/producer Louis Lopez to round out his compositions. The group set up camp at Theo Karon’s Hotel Earth, cramming an album’s worth of tracking into a weekend. The resulting Chapters honors that familial coziness, a record at once diaristic in its familiar warmth and profound in its resonant emotionality.


“A mixture of poetry and melancholy delicately placed on a bed of reverie.” -Indie Music Center

“Wolken’s voice floats above the instrumentation, conveying raw emotion and vulnerability.” -Up To Hear Music