Kaycie Satterfield

Kaycie Satterfield

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Kaycie Satterfield is an LA-based indie / dream pop artist.

FFO: Mamalarky, Barrie, Katy Kirby, Broken Social Scene

Coming to terms with yourself can take the form of writing songs or eating candy. In Sweet Tooth, Kaycie Satterfield explores her lived experiences, from the bitter to the saccharine to everything in between, without ever sugar-coating it. Not quite a coming-of-age EP but certainly transitory, the songs take the listener through growing up queer in the south, walking down the streets of New York City, quarantining in a small town in the pandemic, falling in love. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter wrote the majority of the songs over the course of a few years spent in Nashville, the New York, then North Carolina, and then Nashville again. It was recorded at the Bomb Shelter in Nashville, Tennessee. The EP provides a stellar introduction to Satterfield's music, meandering through hints of dead rock, surf rock, jazz, and even swing.

Satterfield is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and ironic jazzercise enthusiast who got her start on guitar in a high school Texan swing band. She’s toured with the likes of Madame Gandhi and Thelma and the Sleaze, earning the nickname “Queenie” for her guitar and bass chops. Satterfield's own writing, however, is more man-behind-the-curtain, a mastermind brewing jazz-infused cocktails that are bitingly sweet and take a few licks for the team—both lyrically and in riff-speak. Her upcoming album is out next year and includes craft singles “Putting Me Away” and “Women’s Fiction.” The music bleeds Joni Mitchell and St. Vincent, though she also cites George Benson and Rufus Wainwright as influences. Satterfield currently resides in the cross breeze between Nashville and LA, where she does session work and turns sugar-coated dread into diamond-encrusted pop rocks that flow through the mind and body like the flashing lights of a funhouse.

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