By Sophie Griffin

Pelvis Wrestley's Sophomore LP OUT NOW!

Pelvis Wrestley began in the Fall of 2018 and set out to adapt Benjamin Violet’s synth pop background to the country music format to help redefine an American identity. Releasing their debut record, Vortexas Vorever, in February 2023, their unique brand of western-infused synth music garnered attention at home and abroad. NPR affiliate, KUTX, named the pop gem, “In Heaven”, song of the day in celebration of its release. They later named Pelvis Wrestley artist of the month in June, following the release of their record. Finding its legs, the record caught the attention of baroque pop royalty, Kishi Bashi, who called it “An electronic melody coaster ride through every 80’s classic flick you missed out on. Hints of Springsteen, James Mercer and The Cars. Best served now.”

LP2, Andy, or: the Four Horsegirls of the Apocalypse, is a fantastical meditation on impermanence through the lens of missing persons, and people we miss. Written in the back-and-forth days of unclear pandemic guidelines, the songs are informed by the diasporas of 2020, where so many people relocated without even the suggestion of a goodbye party. The record is named for a previous Benjamin Violet project, ANDY, which saw its members relocate during lockdown. As Pelvis Wrestley, Violet repurposes the mythology of the titular demigod for a new era. 

“Andy was the best we ever met. When Andy went missing in the Spring of ‘05, it was easy to assume ascension rather than departure, and we learned to say to one another: “Anywhere Andy goes- that is the house of Andy.”

The House of Andy sits equidistant from two volcanoes in heavy flow and has a kennel, which houses a pack of large dogs, of which I am one. Andy can be seen sitting on the veranda sipping blue raspberry frozen drinks as he watches the magma-go-lava. And as we each go missing in our comings and goings, we too will be added to Andy.

Before, I told you of a pack of large dogs, of which I am one. What I did not tell you is that many of those dogs are horses.”

ANDY, or: the Four Horsegirls of the Apocalypse is now available on all streaming platforms and for purchase on vinyl.