By Sophie Griffin


Earth Libraries is proud to announce our latest addition to the roster, Nashville-based indie rock band, The Medium. With their first record dropping in 2019, the band is a staple in the Nashville indie scene.

The third album from The Medium, City Life is the first they’ve produced on their own. Recorded in their homes with the help of a few friends (Johnny Hopson and George Rezeck), this grassroots approach to recording captures them simultaneously at their most relaxed as well as their most airtight. Ironically, City Life presents the quartet sounding their most country yet – sonically embracing some of the musical territory of their hometown (“Ghost in the Garden”) as well as lyrically wrestling with the challenges of its rapid changes (“Sellout City”). Songwriter/singer/guitarist Shane Perry’s whip smart writing always leaves room for the cosmic joke to wink right back, though – his delivery by turns sensitive and deadpan. The band’s penchant for saccharine harmonies, hypnotic riffs, and earnest ballads cohere everything into a uniquely relevant take on a classic 70’s rock sound. Inspired by the yearning refrain at the end of Harry Nillsson’s “I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City,” the record envisions ‘city life’ as a call for a better world – a society driven by care over productivity; by community over profiteering.

City Life is due on August 23rd. Pre-order your copy now!