By Sophie Griffin

Bitter Calm Announces Sophomore LP "Eternity In The Lake of Fire" - Due September 6th

Earth Libraries is proud to announce the release of Birmingham, Alabama-based slow core / indie rock outfit Bitter Calm's sophomore LP, "Eternity In The Lake of Fire" - out September 6th.

Bitter Calm makes music that one would call “sad”, but much like the torrential rains that punctuate their lives, it’s a different kind of sad— less like a breakup at the dinner table and more like a breakup in the atmosphere. Deeply, loudly, profoundly sad.

That’s not to say their music isn’t enjoyable, because it is. Their performances easily invite the vulnerability they require by virtue of their commitment to something completely sincere. Singer/guitarist Michael Harp grimaces and broods his way through songs that are so evidently beautiful that they could easily mask the more unfortunate emotions beneath.

With support from violinist Meg Ford, bassist Alex Guin, and percussionist Chayse Porter— all Birmingham heavyweights in their own right— Harp eschews the uncomfortable trauma-dumping of his more whispery peers in favor of something darker, meaner, more “results oriented”. 

In other words, Bitter Calm’s newest record is more about the destination than the journey— the destination being “hell” and the journey being “self-annihilation”. There is no relief to be found in the music itself save for the catharsis of accepting one’s own hopelessness. The relief comes from the fact that the songs were ever written, recorded, and performed in the first place. On the other side of this endless descent, descent, descent... something beautiful happened. Thank god it did.

The first three singles off of the forthcoming album are out now wherever you get your music.