By Sophie Griffin

Jake Elijah Accounts Sophomore Album, "A Second Option" - out 7/26

Recorded in just one week onto analog tape, the latest LP from Brooklyn-based songwriter Jake Elijah builds on the catchy and nostalgic charm of his previous album, Little Errands, this time venturing into bigger, wilder, and more experimental terrain. Raised on the melodic sensibilities of weirdo-pop icons Sparks, Kate Bush, and MGMT, Elijah throws every idea at the wall without holding back, resulting in an eclectic yet remarkably cohesive collection of songs. First dates, carnival rides, broken machinery, predictive dreams, and spider webs all find a hiding spot on the album. From inviting hooks to moments of bizarre comedic flair, A Second Option is a distinctive ride through Elijah's creative playground, inviting listeners to join in on the fun and discover what sticks.

Elijah has returned with the lead single from his forthcoming LP, "Hemmy" - a fun, experimental track with warmly guitars and a groovy bassline. As noted in the song's premiere via Pilerats, "Sounds a bit like if Mac Demarco maybe took one too many sips of purple drank, through Hemmy, Elijah’s formative influences of weird pop icons like Sparks, Kate Bush and MGMT shine through, with Jake arguably upping the experimentation compared to them."

On the song, Elijah says, "Hemmy is a mostly instrumental track. A lot of Todd Rundgrens’ ‘A Wizard A True Star’ influence in the arrangement. The unconventional chord progression and melody made for a really fun and experimental studio session. Lots of synth textures sprinkled throughout. I enjoy the dueling guitar and synth."

Jake Elijah is a 25-year-old musician, animator, and video editor based in Brooklyn, New York. Over the last decade, he has quietly written a wide variety of music ranging from MGMTesque synth-pop to avant-garde novelty rock reminiscent of groups like Sparks and Ween. Elijah’s distinctive approach to songwriting is most clearly realized through his recent collaborations with producer and home-recording artist Kevin Basko, 2021’s Little Errands, and the upcoming A Second Option.  Elijah is also an accomplished filmmaker and animator, having lent his creative vision to many projects ranging from documentaries for MTV and Harvard to visually irreplicable music videos for acts like Star Moles and the duo Hot Machine.